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Ryan Larkin Documentary Film

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When watching the film Ryan by Chris Landreth¬†I liked all the cool animations that were shown in the film. My favourite part was how when they looked at their reflection in the mirrors that there face had scare like colours out of their face our body. I also thought it was cool how the colours worked with the emotion of the character like in one scene when Ryan Larkin started raising his voice the colour on his body was going red and red spikes flew out of him. I thought this stuff was cool because of the use of colours and animation created by Chris Landreth. I also enjoyed hearing that Ryan hand drew all his pictures and coloured them all too, that must have taken lots of time and commitment to do something like that. Which means he took pride in his work and it might have been special to him. In the film I didn’t like that at some parts I got confused like when the colours wrapped around the person, I didn’t quite understand the meaning of why that was happening. The principles of media arts that I noticed in the film were¬†Hybridization where he combined the colours to the characters in the film with their emotions as if the colours were scars in their lives.

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