I believe the principal subject of the documentary “If we love this planet” is about the nuclear era and what we can do to prevent it because of all the bad it has created since being created. I believe that she made this documentary to make us aware of how dangerous nuclear weapons are and how they can affect our health and how it can kill many people from one huge explosion. By making us aware she gave many facts and showed raw footage of what happened in Japan when we used the atomic bomb. By telling us all these facts she is giving her bias about how bad she thinks nuclear weapons are and by making this documentary making us feel the same way so that we may change our ways and hopefully try and save our planet and not destroy it in war. This documentary was being critiqued by letting us know the dangers and what her opinion was. I liked the documentary because when they showed the raw footage it made it all the more real that just hearing about it. I thought it was effective because when they showed the footage it made it feel like we could connect instead of just hearing about it we get to see the horror which helped make her opinion stronger.  i thought it was interesting that she put the propaganda film of the atom bomb at the beginning and seeing what the government thought about it when they were making it but then only to see the horrors it cause and that it could actually destroy our planet.  So in general i think the effectiveness of this film was very strong because of all her visuals and facts that she included in her documentary.