This picture is from an Old Spice Ad. It falls under the the “Heroic Masculinity” category and the “Muscles and the Ideal Man. I believe it falls under the Heroic Masculinity because it has a traditional actor in this commercial who plays in “The Expendables” who is a part of a team that un-defeatable. This picture shows that he is so strong his muscles have arms. I believe it falls under Muscles and ideal man because the ad portrays a strong muscular man and is promoting old spice shampoo and tells you that you cant look like him but you can smell like him which is helping with the ideal man. That is why i think it falls under these categories.

This picture if from a Gatorade Ad. I believe that this ad falls under “The New Warriors” and “Attitude is Everything.” I think it falls under Attitude is everything because in this ad it is talking about how is you drink Gatorade you will be reborn into a better sports player with better stamina and things. I think this falls under the new warriors because they are using athletes to associate danger and violence with the product being advertisement like him exploding out of the basketball.  I also believe that this ad can fall under Attitude is everything because tis ad is talking about the inner being being reborn out of you but instead you could be happy with yourself.