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1. What company does the advertisement represent/subvert? 2. What kind of product(s) is being advertised? 3. What imagery is used in the advertisement to subvert? 4. What message (text, copy) is used in the advertisement?5. How are the elements and principles of design used to convey a message? 6. Who is the target audience of the advertisement? 7. Does the ad jam convey a clear and successful message? 8. How could the ad jam be improved?

The company that this ad represents and makes fun of is AT&T an internet provider and a phone company. In this ad buster they are advertising that if you go with AT&T you will be delivered free porn downloaded and streamed to your computer. There is not very much imagery making fun of the advertisement except inside the letter “P” they have a picture of someone licking a nipple. The text that they use to make fun of the ad is saying that “your porn delivered” and “downloaded and streamed. pirated and paid for. on the Dl & on your pc.”  and at the bottom it says introducing the new AT&T.  The way the used the writing going down  every sentence helped convey the message that is has to do with the internet and the signal strength like three bars. I believe that the message is very clear in this ad saying that if you go with them you can get lots of porn. I think this jam could be improved by connecting it more with the original company/product.