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The company that this ad represents and makes fun of is Walmart. The product that is being advertised is the store itself and that everything inside of it is shipped directly from china into the store. The imagery that they used to portray this is changed the name of the store to CHINA DIRECT.  The message from this text is CHINA DIRECT telling us that everything we are buying is not local and that they are probably being made in sweatshops for cheaper than they are being sold and the workers are not making like any money. The element and principles of design help convey the message because of the symmetry of the given new name of the building. So I believe that this culture jam message is a bit difficult to understand but it does show the message it is trying to portray. I think they could have made this better my having little children leaving/walking into the store in the Walmart uniform to show that they are the ones who make all the stuff and now they are trying to sell it.