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I decided to do a collage on my sister because of all the cool things she likes. I thought it would make a really cool picture once I put all the different things she liked onto paper. I really like how it turned out. My sister really loves pandas that is why there is a whole bunch of pandas. I chose the picture of her wearing a panda hat just to help emphasize her love for pandas. I know my sister loves batman and the moon so i thought it would be a cool idea to kind of merge the two together to make the moon and the symbol work together. I also put it high in the sky as it it was Gotham city calling for batman’s help for something like in the show/movies. My sister and her friends always joke about her hair colour saying she is a ginger and to be funny I put “I am a ginger” cause she says it all the time and she has red hair. I put facebook on her page because of how much she loves it she is usually on it writing statuses and everything so i thought i would include that in her picture. She also has a huge passion for music that is why i put music notes in the darkness to resemble the stars and her love for music.

I really enjoyed doing this collage cause I got to have fun getting to know a lot more about my sister and hanging out with her to see if she liked how the collage turned out.

While I was working on this collage I learned how to use the opacity to make the image seam ghost like or merge with other images and would be able to help people learn how to use it as well.

I was definitely satisfied with this collage because it turned out better than i expected and i think it looks really cool my sister even made it her profile picture on her facebook.

I feel it was easier to make a collage of my sister because she can tell me what she likes and that what i can decide to put on my collage. I feel that making a collage of myself can be difficult because there is so much about you that you would like to put in the picture but you only have room for the things that are really about you. I feel it would be easier to do someone else because you are given information by them or what you know about them from hanging out you can just put that to what is given to you instead of you worrying about what to put about yourself.