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A soccer ball | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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DVD | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Call of Duty: MW2 Art Header | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Hot S | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

In  my collage I felt that I should put all the things that make me feel like me when I look at my collage. I put the soccer balls in my collage getting bigger and bigger because over the years I have enjoyed playing soccer more and more every year that I have played. I put the word DvD on my collage because I love to watch movies. I put the word in the centre of the scene because I feel that lately I have been watching more movies than I have before because I like trying to figure out their message and I really enjoy some of the acting in the films. I put the flaming “S” symbol in my picture to show that my favourite Show is Smalleville which is about the story of how Superman became who he is and how he figures out how to use his powers for good. I took a picture when I was in Alberta a couple years ago and I loved it and in the future I hope I will live there. So to make it look cool i took the clone tool and clones the modern warfare symbol on the mountain to make it look a part of the mountain.

This collage has altered my thoughts by trying to make a picture represent me. It made me think about who I feel I am and how to put it down on paper.

I learned how to use the quick edit to change the lighting and colours of a picture to change the effect I am showing in my pictures and would be able to show someone how to use it.

When making this collage I didn’t find it as satisfying as i wanted because it can be difficult to use photoshop and get what it is your trying to show but after it was done i was happy with it even if it is not professional looking.

I feel it is easier to make a collage of someone else as long as you have information from them because, I feel that making a collage of myself can be difficult because there is so much about you that you would like to put in the picture but you only have room for the things that are really about you. I feel it would be easier to do someone else because you are given information by them or what you know about them from hanging out you can just put that to what is given to you instead of you worrying about what to put about yourself.