If We Love This Planet Q/A

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I believe the principal subject of the documentary “If we love this planet” is about the nuclear era and what we can do to prevent it because of all the bad it has created since being created. I believe that she made this documentary to make us aware of how dangerous nuclear weapons are and how they can affect our health and how it can kill many people from one huge explosion. By making us aware she gave many facts and showed raw footage of what happened in Japan when we used the atomic bomb. By telling us all these facts she is giving her bias about how bad she thinks nuclear weapons are and by making this documentary making us feel the same way so that we may change our ways and hopefully try and save our planet and not destroy it in war. This documentary was being critiqued by letting us know the dangers and what her opinion was. I liked the documentary because when they showed the raw footage it made it all the more real that just hearing about it. I thought it was effective because when they showed the footage it made it feel like we could connect instead of just hearing about it we get to see the horror which helped make her opinion stronger.  i thought it was interesting that she put the propaganda film of the atom bomb at the beginning and seeing what the government thought about it when they were making it but then only to see the horrors it cause and that it could actually destroy our planet.  So in general i think the effectiveness of this film was very strong because of all her visuals and facts that she included in her documentary.

Male Violence Activity #3

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I chose this ad because it does not show any male violence. I selected this ad because it is about these two guys who are suppose to be the representation of a pc and a mac. In this comercial hey are just saying that the mac is newer and younger but that has nothing to do with male violence or anything.  It also has nothing to do with muscles it is just trying to get you to choose which computer you would like to purchase it doesn’t fall under any of the five advertising themes about male violence.

Male Violence Activity #2

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This picture is from an Old Spice Ad. It falls under the the “Heroic Masculinity” category and the “Muscles and the Ideal Man. I believe it falls under the Heroic Masculinity because it has a traditional actor in this commercial who plays in “The Expendables” who is a part of a team that un-defeatable. This picture shows that he is so strong his muscles have arms. I believe it falls under Muscles and ideal man because the ad portrays a strong muscular man and is promoting old spice shampoo and tells you that you cant look like him but you can smell like him which is helping with the ideal man. That is why i think it falls under these categories.

This picture if from a Gatorade Ad. I believe that this ad falls under “The New Warriors” and “Attitude is Everything.” I think it falls under Attitude is everything because in this ad it is talking about how is you drink Gatorade you will be reborn into a better sports player with better stamina and things. I think this falls under the new warriors because they are using athletes to associate danger and violence with the product being advertisement like him exploding out of the basketball.  I also believe that this ad can fall under Attitude is everything because tis ad is talking about the inner being being reborn out of you but instead you could be happy with yourself.

Male Violence Activity #1

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Picture 1: The theme of the first picture is Attitude is everything. I think it falls under this category because in this ad it is promoting that in order to be a man you need to drive a big truck so you can run over your problems instead f solving them. I also think it falls under this category because it is kind of telling your men that in order to get respect they should look tougher and bigger (muscles).

Picture 2: The theme falls under the Cave Men Mentality. I believe it falls under this category because in this picture they have a pirate which is an example of what a rugged male should look like. I believe it also falls under this category because it shows a popular masculine icon from history who is trying to get you to drink his beer to say if you drink it you’ll be like a pirate which is what a man should be.

Picture 3: In this picture i believe it falls under Muscles and the ideal man. I believe it falls under this category because he is jacked and he is holding a women which makes you teens think they need to look like that in order to be a real man and to get women. It also shows in a way that you cant be a man if your not strong.

Picture 4: I think this falls under The New Warriors. I think it falls uner this category because it uses sporty men to advertise their product because if sports people wear it that makes them cool. which will show other men that if they wear these product n one should mess with them and if they do they might get taken out like in football.

Picture 5: The last picture falls under Heroic  Masculinity. I think it falls under this category because it shows that in order to be a hero you need to be a violent masculine male and that you cant be an everyday hero like helping the needy.  It also falls under the category because in the poster it says that no one can stop him which tells us if we look like that maybe no one can stop us.

My Culture Jamming Ad

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The Right Street to Place McDonald's On

EFFAustin Banner


I made this to show how Mcdonalds is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity because of all of their addictive foods. Their foods is also full of things that aren’t that great for  you.

#2 Culture Jamming Ad

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1. What company does the advertisement represent/subvert? 2. What kind of product(s) is being advertised? 3. What imagery is used in the advertisement to subvert? 4. What message (text, copy) is used in the advertisement?5. How are the elements and principles of design used to convey a message? 6. Who is the target audience of the advertisement? 7. Does the ad jam convey a clear and successful message? 8. How could the ad jam be improved?

The company that this ad represents and makes fun of is AT&T an internet provider and a phone company. In this ad buster they are advertising that if you go with AT&T you will be delivered free porn downloaded and streamed to your computer. There is not very much imagery making fun of the advertisement except inside the letter “P” they have a picture of someone licking a nipple. The text that they use to make fun of the ad is saying that “your porn delivered” and “downloaded and streamed. pirated and paid for. on the Dl & on your pc.”  and at the bottom it says introducing the new AT&T.  The way the used the writing going down  every sentence helped convey the message that is has to do with the internet and the signal strength like three bars. I believe that the message is very clear in this ad saying that if you go with them you can get lots of porn. I think this jam could be improved by connecting it more with the original company/product.

Tim Burton Questions

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A) Discussion Questions (Vincent)
1. Why might Tim Burton have been attracted to Corman’s films as a kid growing up in the suburbs in the 1960s?
2. Do you think these films would have the same sort of appeal to today’s teenagers? Why or why not?
3. Why do you think the suburbs could be considered to be a scary place for artistic people?
4. What other Burton films can you name that feature misunderstood creative characters?
1. I think Tim Burton could have been attracted to his kind of movies because of the way he sees things. Tim Burton sees his artwork different than others which is why his art is so abstract. So because of this I think he liked Corman’s films because of the new type of animations that were coming out and that might have interested Tim Burton and the fact that his favourite actor was in the wizard battle movie.
2.I do not think it would have the same appeal it might gets some laughs because of the poor graphics and animations. Teenagers today may not like these things because in todays society the animations have improved so much because it does not look real enough for our brain to be interested. I like all action movies with like lasers and everything shoooting and i like how real it is and if it didnt look real I wouldnt think it was that cool.
3.I think the suburbs could be a scary place for artist because everyone is trying to be the same and the point of the artist is to be different and show who they are in their artwork. If you live in the suburbs they may try to change you because you are trying to be different from everyone else. This is scary because they want to express themselves but can not.
4.Edward scissorhands, beetlejuice, batman, alice in wonderland, charlie and the chocolate factory.
(B) Discussion Questions (Frankenweenie)
1) How is the neighbourhood where Victor lives depicted? Contrast the setting with the people who inhabit this neighbourhood. What comment is Burton making about suburbia?

2) List some of the typical horror film conventions (e.g., digging up dead bodies) that Burton uses in the film.  How does he manipulate these conventions to humorous effect?
3) Frankenweenie was given a PG rating, making it impossible for Disney to release it as a short film accompanying the re-release of the animated classic Pinocchio.  The problem, according to Disney, was the “tone” of Frankenweenie rather than its content.  What do you think they meant by this?  Do you agree that the film is not suitable for younger children?  Why or why not?
1. It is depicted to be a suburb, and that everyone knows each other and like their daily routines and don’t like change. the neighbour all seem nice and friendly and care about the effects of Victor after his dog dies? I think TIm Burton is trying to show us that suburbs are boring and they are very original they all look the same and that bad things come from suburbs because all the neighbours with form together to solve problems they don’t like and want changed.
2.He uses Lightning Storms, digging up the dog, The creepy attic, the graveyard, the broken down windmill, the broken down amusement park, shot in black and white scare effect, scary scientist, the villagers teaming against the villain.  He makes them humorous by the effect that it is a little boy and his dog and bringing him back to life, this is more funny than scary because no one is scared of this kid brining his dog back to life unless it started killing people.
3.They meant that this should not be released because it should not go out to the kid audience cause it could be too scary for little kids who watch disney movies. Another thing they meant by that was that the mood of it was bringing your pet back to life could be a scary topic and could make kids believe it is possible and kids might try and attempt on their animals. I agree that this film would be too scary for children because it was filmed in black and white and all the loud and scary thing that pop at the screen might give children nightmares.
(C) Discussion Questions: Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories
Read the following 2 short stories from his short stories and answer the questions below:
i) Toxic Boyii) Mummy  Boy

1) What theme do these stories explore?  Are they linked at all?
2) How do the illustrations convey the mood and theme of each story?
3) What does Burton seem to be suggesting about society in general through these characters?
4)  How does Burton create sympathy toward these misfits and outcasts?


1.The theme of Toxic Boy was about a boy who was different and did different things. The theme of Mummy Boy was about a boy who was different and couldn’t make friends. I think that the stories were similar that each of them were different and they were outcasts, they were also liked because they both died in the end.

2.The Illustrations help show what kind of things are happening in the story and what the characters looked like in Tim Burtons eyes. They also show the emotion of how the character is feeling that you sometimes can not read in the poem.

3.For the Toxic boy i think he is trying to say that because of all our pollution we might be creating a population who can live in this situation and that they will be effected by all the household toxins we have and they will like to absorb them.  He says this because he is showing us how many harmful things we keep in our house that could effect children. In the Mummy story I think he was showing that it is hard to make friends if your different and that kids may harm other kids for being different and that they usually make friends with dogs.

4.I think he gives them sympathy by saying that toxic boy went to heaven even after he died and that for the mummy character, he showed sympathy by giving him a friend who was the dog.

(D) Discussion Questions Introducing Mise en Scène Edward Scissorhands

1) What kinds of differences do you notice between the first 5 minutes of the clip and the 5 minutes after that?  Specifically, discuss the lighting and colour differences of the 2 scenes.

2) What was a camera point of view that was of interest to you in one of the scenes?  Why?  What did the point of view bring to the character or background?
3) What themes are introduced in these scenes?  How are the themes explored?
4) How do the settings and props serve the overall function of the narrative? How does the setting relate to the themes explored in the film?


1.In the first Five minutes of the film the lighting is Dark and blue. This makes everything seem mysterious and creepy and it is to show that it is night time to help tell a bed time story about this misunderstood person created by an inventor in the mansion which is supposedly haunted.  In the last five minutes everything is colourful and full of life and very sunny and happy.

2.The favourite camera point of view I liked was during the opening credit when the camera climbs the stairs as if it was an animal going through the house or someone running up the stairs. It also gave a foreshadowing of later in the film the long walk the avon lady took going up the stairs looking for someone. the shot helped make the background of the haunted mansion feeling because of the climbing of the stairs and the cobwebs all over everything with the dark and blue colours.

3. A theme that was explored in the the first ten minutes is remembrance of when the grandmother is talking about this person she met with scissor hands and that he was a great man and that the mansion was not haunted but had an incredible man iside it.

4.The setting of the mansion showed that it was a dark place and maybe who ever lived their was dark or going through some troubling times and the props helped this by his hands being scissors and the cuts on his face. The setting helped with the themes because edward never had any friends case he was troubled and he resized that he couldn’t be in society and needed to stay up in his mountain and just remember his time down in the town.

Culture Jamming Ad

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The company that this ad represents and makes fun of is Walmart. The product that is being advertised is the store itself and that everything inside of it is shipped directly from china into the store. The imagery that they used to portray this is changed the name of the store to CHINA DIRECT.  The message from this text is CHINA DIRECT telling us that everything we are buying is not local and that they are probably being made in sweatshops for cheaper than they are being sold and the workers are not making like any money. The element and principles of design help convey the message because of the symmetry of the given new name of the building. So I believe that this culture jam message is a bit difficult to understand but it does show the message it is trying to portray. I think they could have made this better my having little children leaving/walking into the store in the Walmart uniform to show that they are the ones who make all the stuff and now they are trying to sell it.



Collage of my Sister Bethany

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Thanks to the following artists for their photos:

Panda bear | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

batman | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Moon | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

facebook merger facebook merger facebook merger facebook merger facebook merger facebook merge | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Tiny Music Notes | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

ball in the divot in the cover | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I decided to do a collage on my sister because of all the cool things she likes. I thought it would make a really cool picture once I put all the different things she liked onto paper. I really like how it turned out. My sister really loves pandas that is why there is a whole bunch of pandas. I chose the picture of her wearing a panda hat just to help emphasize her love for pandas. I know my sister loves batman and the moon so i thought it would be a cool idea to kind of merge the two together to make the moon and the symbol work together. I also put it high in the sky as it it was Gotham city calling for batman’s help for something like in the show/movies. My sister and her friends always joke about her hair colour saying she is a ginger and to be funny I put “I am a ginger” cause she says it all the time and she has red hair. I put facebook on her page because of how much she loves it she is usually on it writing statuses and everything so i thought i would include that in her picture. She also has a huge passion for music that is why i put music notes in the darkness to resemble the stars and her love for music.

I really enjoyed doing this collage cause I got to have fun getting to know a lot more about my sister and hanging out with her to see if she liked how the collage turned out.

While I was working on this collage I learned how to use the opacity to make the image seam ghost like or merge with other images and would be able to help people learn how to use it as well.

I was definitely satisfied with this collage because it turned out better than i expected and i think it looks really cool my sister even made it her profile picture on her facebook.

I feel it was easier to make a collage of my sister because she can tell me what she likes and that what i can decide to put on my collage. I feel that making a collage of myself can be difficult because there is so much about you that you would like to put in the picture but you only have room for the things that are really about you. I feel it would be easier to do someone else because you are given information by them or what you know about them from hanging out you can just put that to what is given to you instead of you worrying about what to put about yourself.



Collage of Myself


Thanks to the following artist for their photos:

A soccer ball | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

P1020138 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

DVD | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Call of Duty: MW2 Art Header | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Hot S | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

In  my collage I felt that I should put all the things that make me feel like me when I look at my collage. I put the soccer balls in my collage getting bigger and bigger because over the years I have enjoyed playing soccer more and more every year that I have played. I put the word DvD on my collage because I love to watch movies. I put the word in the centre of the scene because I feel that lately I have been watching more movies than I have before because I like trying to figure out their message and I really enjoy some of the acting in the films. I put the flaming “S” symbol in my picture to show that my favourite Show is Smalleville which is about the story of how Superman became who he is and how he figures out how to use his powers for good. I took a picture when I was in Alberta a couple years ago and I loved it and in the future I hope I will live there. So to make it look cool i took the clone tool and clones the modern warfare symbol on the mountain to make it look a part of the mountain.

This collage has altered my thoughts by trying to make a picture represent me. It made me think about who I feel I am and how to put it down on paper.

I learned how to use the quick edit to change the lighting and colours of a picture to change the effect I am showing in my pictures and would be able to show someone how to use it.

When making this collage I didn’t find it as satisfying as i wanted because it can be difficult to use photoshop and get what it is your trying to show but after it was done i was happy with it even if it is not professional looking.

I feel it is easier to make a collage of someone else as long as you have information from them because, I feel that making a collage of myself can be difficult because there is so much about you that you would like to put in the picture but you only have room for the things that are really about you. I feel it would be easier to do someone else because you are given information by them or what you know about them from hanging out you can just put that to what is given to you instead of you worrying about what to put about yourself.





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